Treating Symptoms

Hypercholesterolemic Arthritis pain responds to the same kind of medications used to relieve pain in other muscular-skeletal disorders. Salicylates (aspirin products), Ibuprofen and Naproxen in arthritis-regiment dosages are very helpful.

Prednisone is also very effective to reduce the inflammation and thus the pain. I found dosages of between 10-20mg per day to be very effective, sometimes dividing the dose between morning and evening. The fact the this syndrome responds to Prednisone has undoubtedly contributed to numerous misdiagnoses, since trial courses of oral steroids are often used to help diagnose early arthritis.

For symptoms of neuropathy, wrist and elbow splints can be helpful to avoid nerve compression that can occur, especially at night while sleeping. This company makes one of the only elbow splints I could find that is not made specifically for post-surgical immobilization.

An ergonomic keyboard and a graphics tablet are excellent alternatives to the normal stress-inducing mouse and keyboard. Eliminating the arms from your chair can also reduce Ulnar nerve compression.

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