Tendon Pain?

This section of my website is dedicated to helping people find a cause for their hand, feet, elbow or knee pain and weakness that may have been misdiagnosed as a form of arthritis, carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy or overuse syndrome.

If you have a combination of these symptoms, you should consider the possibility that you have tendonitis caused by cholesterol crystals deposited in the tendon fibers, a painful condition that mimics arthritis. This can be the result of inherited, untreated high LDL cholesterol or, more rarely, mixed elevations of cholesterol and Trigycerides.

Xanthoma is the general name for an accumulation of lipids in abnormal amounts, and Tendon Xanthoma (abbreviated TX) is the specific accumulation in the tendons. Hypercholesterolemic Arthritis is not a technically accurate term, because it is not arthritis at all.  But referring to it strictly as TX or Tendinitis does not give this affliction the distinction it deserves.

Although much is written on the way Tendon Xanthomas occur, almost nothing exists on patient treatment and recovery.  I will share the duration, severity and locations of my TX, how long it took to recover, and what treatments were most effective.

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