My Photography

I started taking digital pictures back in 1998 with my Ricoh RDC-2 camera. It took pictures at the odd resolution of 768x576 and cost $600.  I bought it at Egghead Software.  Remember Egghead? I took all the pictrures in these galleries myself. I guess if you really want any of them you can help yourself.


The demolition of the infamous Viewmaster plant water tower in Beaverton, Oregon took place in July 2005. For years, it supplied water tainted with the deadly chemical TCE to 1000s of unsuspecting workers. It was removed to take away the stigma so a Best Buy and PetSmart could be put in itís place. See the before and after pictures here.

Coming Soon...

Cool old Shacks and Barns

In and Around Portland

Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway - Home to the tamest deer on the planet.

Cool Stuff

Cool stuff - Stuff I thought was cool when I took the picture. I still do.


I donít know why I like to take pictures of signs, but I do. Some are funny, some are ironic, some are just cool. But they all have something to say.

Revised 12/2007

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