Symptoms of HA

You may have experienced morning stiffness in your hands and feet and may have had stabbing or shooting pains. You may have suffered nerve compression at the wrist or elbow that caused neuropathic pain (burning, tingling) in your hands and forearms, or neurapraxia (limbs falling asleep). You may have been misdiagnosed with a nerve disorder or carpal tunnel.

Are your pains non-articular, that is radiating from muscle or soft tissue rather than the joints? Are you seronegative for any form of arthritis? Have you tried first or second-line DMARDs with no effect, yet your pain responds to Prednisone like arthritis would?
If you also have

1) Xanthelasmas - yellowish deposits around your eyes,
2) Arcus Cornea - a white or gray opaque ring in the corneal edge,
3) Tuberous Xanthomas - red-yellow nodules, often over knees or elbows, or
4) A family history of coronary heart disease

Then a diagnosis of TX is even likelier.

Tendon Xanthomas

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