My Gas Scooters

The Honda Metropolitan

The Honda Metropolitan is a quality 50cc scooter capable of going up to 37MPH on level ground. It does this and gets almost 100MPG. It is only usable on 35MPH roads but is cute as a button and gets smiles everywhere you go.

The Daelim Delfino

My Koream made Daelim Delfino is also a quality scoot but goes up to 55MPH. At just under 200lbs it is not really comfortable at that speed, but is no problem at 45MPH. It is a 2-stroke and is plenty peppy, getting 82MPG reliably. It has lots of storage and looks sharp and modern. I havenít had a lick of trouble with it.

To learn the process I went through to select my latest scooter, click here.

Revised 12/2007

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