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Light Electric Vehicles, or “LEVs” attempt to overcome the requirement for heavy batteries and powerful motors by reducing the vehicle’s mass.  They often allow for human power-assist via the use of pedals, or in the case of scooters, kicking. Electric Scooters were once thought of strictly as a mobility aid, but now are being embraced by those who appreciate and enjoy the riding experience and the efficiency of them. Electric Bicycles are perhaps the most practical LEV because they allow sustained human input and thus extended range. They are also hard to distinguish from ordinary bicycles and usually treated by law enforcement as such.

Other categories of LEVs include Electric Motorcycles, Electric Go-karts, and even Electric Skateboards.  Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, similar to golf carts, are a new class of electric car that have the safety equipment needed to travel streets at speeds up to 25MPH.

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