EV Links

Places to shop - no one asked me or paid me to recommend these sites. It’s just my take on the best places to get the stuff you need!

PowerPack Motors
Powerful upgrades for your motorized bike or scooter.

Electric Rider
From parts to kits to batteries - they’ve got it all

Bike Tires Direct
The most affordable 12” scooter tire worth having

Diversified Battery
The least expensive 12V 10Ah “slim” battery for Currie scooters

A pioneer in NiMH and Li-Ion packs at reasonable prices

The SuperKids
A good selection of scooters and parts competitively priced

A wide selection of hard to find items like sprockets and nice people too.

The original on-line scooter and e-bike parts and service web site.

Largo Scooters
Danny is a pioneer in LEVs commited to your service and satisfaction.

Places to learn - some helpful links to learn about electric bikes and scooters.

Chock-full of up-to-date information about both technology and current product offerings.

The Power Assist Forum
The original and still the best discussion group dedicated to Human power assist. Not limited to electric power.

VisForVoltage Forums
The largest and most active e-ride discussion group. Replaced the “zappy” forum. Limited to electric power.




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