Personal Philosophy

My Personal Philosophy by Steve Duncan

Ethos is the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a person, people, culture, or movement.  Hereís mine.

1. Respect for the Individual

    a. Everyone deserves to be greeted and recognized. Never ignore anyone in favor of another person.

    b. No one is worth more or less than you, no matter their background or social standing.

    c. Give everyone the same courtesy you would like to be afforded.

    d. Recognize other peopleís talents, accomplishments and contributions, but be sincere.

    e. Realize that although something may not be important to you, it is to others and respect their feelings.

2. Fairness in your Business Dealings

    a. Be honest and open in your business dealings.

    b. Provide fair goods and services for moneys exchanged.

    c. Donít expect to always benefit economically at the expense of others. Let the other person enjoy an advantage too.

3. Preservation of Natural Resources

    a. Do more with less.  Use the minimum amount of water, gasoline, electricity, paper, food or whatever you consume.

    b. Recycle anything possible and discard as little as possible.

4. Love and Protect your Family

    a. Give freely and without expectations to your spouse, children and parents.

    b. Put their well-being and safety ahead of your own.

    c. Love and cherish them unconditionally.

5. Respect for Your and Others Property

    a. Take pride in your property.  Maintain its appearance and condition, or transfer it to another person who will.

    b. Treat others property as it were your own.

6. Work Ethic

    a. In whatever profession you choose, dedicate yourself completely to the task.  Try to exceed expectations.

    b. Give fair work for your compensation. Donít compare yourself with others.  Instead, do your personal best.

    c. Donít rely on being told what to do.  Understand the objective instead.

    d. Learn to visualize the desired end result, plan the steps to accomplish the task, and do the job completely.

7. Adding Value

    a. Give freely of yourself to family and friends.  Donít hesitate to offer your assistance.

    b. Share your talents with others. Be an asset, not a burden.

8. Pride in your Appearance

    a. Regardless of your position in life, take pride in your appearance by dressing in a neat and presentable manner and paying attention to personal hygiene.

    b. Your appearance is also reflected in your home and autos and so keep them tidy as well.

9. Respect for Life and Nature

    a. Cherish all living things and try at all costs to respect and preserve them.

    b. Show kindness and love to the animals in your life. Enjoy what they will selflessly give to you.

    c. Enjoy the beauty in nature. Take the time to appreciate and reflect on the incredible variety of landscapes and plant life.

10. Donít be the Victim of Circumstances

    a. Whenever possible, anticipate adverse circumstances and head them off.

    b. If you are blind-sided by adversity, take control of the situation and remedy it to the best of your ability.

    c. Never rely on the excuse that you are the victim of circumstances.

11. Be True to Yourself and Your Faith

    a. Whatever your faith, religion or personal philosophy, understand it clearly in your mind so you can be at peace with it.

    b. Donít bend or change your principals to accommodate the circumstance.

    c. If your faith, religion or philosophy does not stand the test of your fundamental beliefs, do not continue to embrace it, or that aspect of it.

12. This Space for Rent.

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