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1. Now that’s Progressive - the Progressive Insurance Tripsense Program

They really are Progressive. I am not the paranoid type. I had a Safeway club card when they first came out, and I was ordering stuff over the internet in 1998. In other words, I’m not a privacy nut. If someone wants to see what kind of fried snacks I buy and use that data to move the product to a different shelf, go for it. So when I signed up with Progressive insurance and they offered me a 5% discount just for trying “Tripsense”, I jumped right in.

In a nutshell, they send you a little box you plug into your car’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) port. Then you drive your car, and at least once before your renewal time, you upload the data to Progressive. Based on the time of day you do your driving, and the total miles driven, you will receive a discount at renewal time. It will never be less than 5% and can be as much as 25%. To get 25%, you would basically have to drive your car about 2 times a week at the lowest risk times.  Still, based on my predicted usage, I will be getting about 15-20% discount on each of my two cars.

If you upload your data more often, you can generate reports that show you details about your trips. It actually shows your car accelerating up to speed, slowing, and stopping for each “trip”. It also shows you the number of sudden starts and stops, and if your trip was at a “risky” time of day. Going over 75 MPH is also considered risky. Obviously some people wont get much benefit from this program, but I think I will

Now that’s progressive!

Trip report, showing starts and stops, and maximum speeds.

Projected Tripsense discount based on very little use.


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